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A Cream Dispenser for Convenience Stores and Buffets.

Your customers want cream for their coffee. You want to deliver a quality beverage that's hassle-free and low-cost. Introducing the Cream Machine, the single best way to include cream in your cafeteria, convenience store, food service or restaurant.

It's Easy
There are no tools necessary, and no special expertise required to operate our creamer dispenser. Simply place the product bag right into the machine. It’s a totally enclosed system and the bag fits perfectly. There's no refrigeration needed, until the bag is opened. Then the cream is cooled by the machine, which also comes equipped with a self-defrosting system. Best of all, there’s no clean-up necessary. Both the bag and nozzle are fully disposable.

It’s Good – and Good For You.
Importantly, we don’t use chemicals. Our cream is fresh, 100% natural made right here in the USA. It’s the healthy choice. That’s why it tastes so good -- consistently, time and time again.

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October 13-15, 2015

Small Footprint
Measuring as small a footprint as possible, our creamers are designed for stability and shelf real estate in your convenience store, cafeteria or restaurant.
GoodWest Industries

It Saves you Money.
Our bag-in-a-box creamer products cost less per ounce than any creamer cup on the market. We’re so sure of it that we’ll match or beat the price of any comparable creamer cup. Just ask.

You Can Count on The Cream Machine
We manufacture our own food service equipment to help ensure uninterrupted service. Should you ever need it, our nationwide service plan provides equipment replacement within 24 business hours for your convenience store, buffet or cafeteria.


  "I am the manager of a Tobacco store in Philipsburg, PA. The owner of the store has switched vendors and the current vendor does not sell Goodwest products... Please respond as soon as possible so I can get your product back in my store."

Debi Srock, Philipsburg, PA.

It’s Clean.

You’ve seen the creamer cups on ice or just sitting out. That’s a potential Board of Health issue waiting to happen. With the Cream Machine, you don’t have to worry about sanitation. All our creamer containers are coded and self-contained. They are shelf-stable without refrigeration so there is never a problem with spoilage. In addition, the cream dispensing system ensures 99% evacuation of all bags with no product integrity issues.

It Eliminates Waste
Did you know that over 35% of creamer cups are wasted or removed from the premises for later use? The Cream Machine eliminates both pilferage and waste in your beverage station. There are no cups to take. And with precise delivery of the cream from the nozzle, customers take only what they will use. By reducing cream cup waste, the Cream Machine is an environmentally friendly solution. There’s also no wasted counter space. The Cream Machine measures a compact 9.5 inches wide.

Download Sell Sheet
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Download The Cream Machine Sell Sheet

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